Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Article 1 (Purpose)
These terms and conditions to operate in constitutional health chc chc Mall ( (hereinafter the "mall") and available from Internet-related services ("Service") in using chc Mall and users' rights, duties, and responsibilities of purposes.

Article 2 (Definitions)
① "Mall" means chc products such as computers to provide information to the user using the communications facilities to be set up to trade refers to a hypothetical premises, as well as the cyber mall is used as a means of operating a business.
② "User" refers to the "mall" in accordance with these terms and conditions by accessing the "mall" to receive the services provided to members and non-members says.
③ 'member' means a "mall" to provide personal information to register a jaroseo, "mall" in the subject continues to provide information, the service offered by this "mall" is a person that can be used continuously.
④ '' Non-member 'does not subscribe to the service offered by this "mall" is the one who.

Article 3 (explicit and descriptive terms, and as amended).
① "mall" with the contents of this Agreement and the representatives of Mutual name, office location address (to handle consumer complaints, including the address where), telephone number, e-mail address, etc. so that users can easily see the Mall of chc The initial service screen (the front) to publish. However, in terms of the connection where the user can see the screen can make it through.
② "Mall" before they agree to the Terms and Conditions of the content in the cancellation of jeonghayeojyeo, responsibility for shipping, refund conditions such important terms to understand the screen by providing a separate connection for the user's confirmation should be obtained is.
③ "mall" in the Electronic Commerce Consumer Protection Act, the Act on the regulation of terms and conditions, the Framework Act on Electronic Commerce, Electronic Signature Law, Information Network Promotion Act, etc., etc. Visit the Sales Act, violation of consumer protection laws, etc. not in the range may amend these Terms and Conditions.
④ "Mall", revision or amendment to this agreement, effective date and reason of the revision or amendment of the revised agreement on the initial screen, the effective date seven days before the effective date will be posted the day before.
However, the disadvantage to the user when to change the terms and conditions at least 30 days notice prior to the grace period left. In this case, the "mall" for the amendment after amendment to clarify all information and comparisons are displayed clearly and the users.
⑤ "mall" to amend this Agreement as amended if the terms of the agreement entered into after the effective date applies only to contracts that had previously revised the previous terms and conditions for the provision still applies. Just this agreement to the terms of Terms of users who wish to revise the meaning of paragraph 3 by the revised terms and conditions during the period of notice "Mall" by sending them to the "mall" If you have received the consent of the subject, the new agreement is
⑥ not defined in this Agreement concerning the interpretation of these terms and conditions and details of the Electronic Commerce Act on consumer protection, regulation of terms and so the Act, the Fair Trade Commission determined e-commerce consumer protection guidelines and the relevant laws or customs Awards subject to.

Section 4 (provision of services and changes)
① "Mall" to perform the following tasks:
1. Provide you with information about products and purchase agreement entered into in
2. Delivery of the product purchase agreement was signed
② "mall" of the product, such as stock, or if changes in the technical specifications provided in the future, you can change the contents of the product. In this case, the content and delivery of products has changed the date stated and published details of the current location of the product will be posted immediately.
③ "mall" to provide the user with the description of the service contract or technical specifications of the product stock changes when you change four euros, and the reason for the notification to the user as possible address to be notified immediately.
④ of the preceding paragraph, the "mall" because of this, users must pay compensation for damages. However, the "mall" to prove that there is no willful misconduct or negligence shall not apply to cases.

Article 5 (service interruption).
① "mall" of information communication equipment, including computer maintenance, replacement, and failure, in the event of communication interruption reason as to temporarily stop providing the service can be.
② paragraph (1) In the case of service interruptions caused by the "mall" in Article 8 will notify users by the way.
③ "drive" the service by the reason of paragraph 1 caused by temporary discontinuation of the user or any third party should compensate for damages. However, the "mall" to prove that there is no willful misconduct or negligence shall not apply to cases.

Article 6 (subscription)
① Users of the "mall" in the member information in the form prescribed After having the intention of this agreement by giving to apply for membership.
② "mole" 1 and the first who have applied to join as a member of the following matters that do not correspond to a member to register.
1. By the applicant pursuant to this agreement prior to Section 7 (3) If you have lost membership, but membership as set forth in Article 7 (3) three years have elapsed after the loss jaroseo "mall" re-joined the consent of the members if the exception is obtained.
2. False information, omission or an error.
3. To register as a member of the "mall" There is an obstacle in the technology
4. Register ahdongin date of application under the age of 14, if the current
③ The time of contract of the membership agreement of the "mall" has reached the member will be the time
④ Members of the changes in registration e-mail when there is a way "mall" must be informed about those changes.

Article 7 (Membership Withdrawal and Disqualification etc.)
① Members of the "mall" at any time to request a withdrawal and the "mall" is processed immediately and delete my account.
② member is found guilty of the following cases, the "mall" or suspend the membership can be.
1. If false information is provided during the joining process
2. Others from using the "mall" interfere with or stealing information, or e-commerce threatened the order of
3. "Mall" prohibited by law or this Agreement or to act against public order and morals, if
③ "mall" limited membership, stop and then repeated the action or within 30 days if the offense is not corrected the "mall" may cancel the membership.
④ "mall" forfeits the membership, if the registration is canceled. In this case, notify members and at least 30 days prior to cancellation of registration bestows a chance for an explanation within the will.

Article 8 (notice to Member)
① "mall" that notifies the members, the member and the "mall" agreed upon through the e-mail address can be.
② "Mall" to unspecified large number of members the notice for more than a week "mall" by posting can substitute the notification. However, with respect to the member's transaction for items that impact the individual must be notified.

Article 9 (Purchase Request)
"Mall" users "mall" on the following or similar request by the purchase and "mall" as applying for a purchase in easy to understand each of the following information must be provided. However, if a member of No. 2 or No. 4's coverage can be excluded.
1. Search and selection of products
2. Name, address, telephone number, e-mail address (or mobile phone number) as input
3. Terms and conditions, which offer limited services cheolhoegwon, shipping, installation costs and fees such as checking for information relating to
4. Agree to these terms and 3 above. Appear to confirm or deny matters (such as a mouse click)
5. Purchase of products on this application and check or "mall" confirmation of consent for
6. The choice of payment method

Article 10 (Conclusion of contract)
① "Mall" purchases, such as Article 9 Application for Joe and for the following cases, you may not accept.
1. Apply false information, omission or if you have
2. To approve the request to purchase other "mall" If you think there is an obstacle in the technology
② "mall" Article 12 Paragraph 1 of the approval notice in the form of acknowledgment to the user reaches the point of view on the contract is finalized.
③ "mall" in the approval of the waiver request of purchase and sale of check on availability, correction and cancellation of the purchase request must include information regarding:

Article 11 (Payment Method)
"Mall" for products purchased from each of the following payment methods available can be done by way of. However, the "mall" on how the payment of any bill of goods by adding a nominal fee can not collect.
1. Credit Card
2. "Mall" and signed a contract, or the "mall" on vouchers approved by the payment
3. Money Orders and Transfer Services

Article 12 (Receipt notice, change or cancel the request of purchase)
① "mall" if application of the purchase receipt must be notified to the user.
② receipts received notice of the intention of the user and if discrepancies receipt immediately after receiving the notice may change or cancel the request and the "Mall", before delivery if the user's request, the request without delay must be handled in accordance with: However, if the payment was made already regarding the cancellation of Article 15 is subject to the regulations.

Article 13 (supply of jaepum)
① "mall" at the time the supply of products and there is no longer any separate agreement, the user within 7 days of purchase to be shipped on the product will take the necessary measures. But the "mall" is already the product of the proceeds received, in whole or in part, in whole or in part if the payment within 3 working days from the date of action will be taken. However, the consumer and the "mall" at the time between delivery of products if there is any separate agreement shall not apply to you. The "mall" in the supply process and the progress of the product so you can see is the appropriate action.
② "Mall" means the shipping for products purchased, shipping costs must clarify sudanbyeol, sudanbyeol shipping period is stated. If the "mall" has exceeded the agreed shipping period if the users thereof should be liable for damages. But the "mall" intentional, negligence, shall not apply if the absence is proved.

Article 14 (rebate).
The "mall" as a purchase, requested four euros out of stock products can offer India or the reason for absence without delay notify the users and jaepum in advance if you receive such payments 3 business days from the date of payment or refund within the refund will take the necessary measures.

Article 15 (cancellation of contract, etc.)
"Mall" and the agreement on purchase of the product user about the contents of the agreement in writing seven days from the date of issuance. Issued in writing than those who just delivery of products is made late, the supply of a product or initiated within 7 days of supply for the withdrawal of an offer can be.

Article 16 (Effect of cancellation of contract)
① "mall" returns from the products already on the payment received within 3 business days of receiving the product to refund paymen

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